Computer Courses at The Venue

Basic Computer Skills    

This course is aimed at those who have little or no experience of using a computer. The course covers mouse and keyboard skills, word processing and Internet skills.

Word Processing

This course is aimed at those who have already comppleted a basic computer skills course and want to develop their word processing and file management skills.

Internet & Email

This course is aimed at those with little or no experience of using the Internet and of sending e-mail and receiving e-mail. Learners should have completed the Basic Computer Skills course or have existing computer skills at a basic level.

IT Clubs

Aimed at those with existing word processing and internet skills. The focus is on developing computer skills in other areas e.g. photo enhancing, presentations (PowerPoint), dpreadsheets, desktop publishing, computer crafts, advanced word processing. Topics covered are changed every 3 months - please ring for details.

If you are interested in booking on any of the above courses or would like further information, please call The Venue on 0114 2838692


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